Dub Szn 2

Building off the momentum created from the original DUBSZN, the sequel “DUBSZN 2” shows the full versatility of E Dub through club bangers like “Jiggin” to emotional melodies in “Safe Place” to vivid stories of his past in “Days in the Ea$T”. His 7th studio project truly delivers in all aspects. 

Love Letters

 Providing all the necessary vibes for valentine’s day, E Dub delivers a 3 song EP to fill love in the air. 

Another Side Of Me

Staying true to the title of this EP, E Dub unlocks a new side his supporters have not heard before. With stand outs like “Perfect Attendance” and “Savior”, E Dub completes the fusion between traditional R&B and melodic rap. The 6 song project encompasses the many emotions felt throughout his previous relationships.

Lucky You

Lucky You is exactly what many of E Dub’s supporters know him for: melodies and cadences that provide a smooth and easy listen. His highly anticipated hit “Evel Knievel” serves as the standout for this project, surrounded by personal favorites of E Dub “Don’t Lie to Me” and “Whatever You Like”.

Sacrifices 2

Serving as his 3rd official project, E Dub continues to experiment with different flows and styles to find his own in the sequel to his first project “Sacrifices”.  In addition to grabbing  a feature from Winston Salem’s own Rek Money, E Dub’s catchy hook on “Da Man” snatches the attention of the listener from the start. E Dub also linked up with fellow Charlotte artist Aye Artisan for the introspective record, “Glisten, another personal favorite of E Dub’s

Dub Szn

After dropping is debut project, “Sacrifices”, E Dub needed to solidify his name as an artist. His following project, “Dub Szn” did just that, holding two of his biggest records to date in “Call Now” and “Don’t Understand”. Following the release of this project, it was clear to see, E Dub was here to stay.


Releasing in July of 2018, E Dub emerged himself into the music industry with his debut project, “Sacrifices”. Produced and engineered by Bone The Producer, E Dub and Bone created a unique vibe that for many, was very unexpected. Standouts like “I Know” and “Stay” featuring Amaree and Rae gave the audience melodic vibes that were incomparable.